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Coastal Domestic Staffing - Staff Training

Summary of Professional Training Services

Coastal Domestic Staffing will provide professional staff training to all household staff from butlers to housekeepers and are available to consult to prepare household and staff training manuals, specific to your home.

We provide house management 

and staff training  covering:

  • Staff job descriptions and household employment guidelines
  • Assignments of roles and duties for staff and staff scheduling
  • Standardized TRAINING for staff providing consistency between multiple properties and staff.
  • Safety and security training**
  • Responsibilities and dress code of each member of the staff
  • Proper household in-service personnel decorum
  • Maintenance schedule for mechanical and security systems
  • Use and care of high end electronics
  • Instructions for the families meal preparations, service etiquette, table setting
  • Household personalization and employer specifications and expectations
  • Complete catalog of vendors and contractors contacts and their performance
  • Whole house inventory; photo log, video and computer record
  • Each room housekeeping preference and set up log
  • Guest and family personal preference information
  • Landscaping information and home/local area special features information for guests
  • Vehicle maintenance and management
  • Household accounting procedures
  • Supervising staff’s performance in order to maintain an overall high standard of cleanliness and image and to document regularly scheduled performance assessments.
  • Provide cross training (where interest is shown) and special projects training including floral arranging and assisting with holiday and special events decorations and organization.
  • Selecting outside vendors/scheduling, coordinating maintenance and repairs services
  • Overseeing remodeling projects/collaboration with decorators, architects, contractors
  • Creating calendar of festivities, family celebrations, birthdays (both, family and staff)
  • Assisting with the social correspondence, personal and household shopping.
  • Coordinating travel arrangements and packing for trips, providing valet service and wardrobe care
  • Acting as the liaison between you and your staff, outside vendors and contractors
  • Planning and creating very exclusive social events with associated protocol and attention to culinary and environmental details.
  • Personal Chef Responsibilities are provided upon request of employer and household guests.
  • Provide and maintain a Household Budget

We are also familiar with the latest in high tech estate management software to insure that all systems, functions and staffing are maximizing at their full efficiency and potential, not only for TODAY…

but also for tomorrow.

** Extensive life saving training programs: 

US Coast Guard (STCW95), Red Cross CPR and portable defibrillator training as well as private jet aviation’s very thorough, F.A.C.T.S program in home/aircraft/yacht security can be provided.