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Seeking Staff

Coastal Domestic Staffing provides you with the industry's most qualified professional private service candidates for your specific staffing needs... 

by looking beyond the resume.

Our Process

Once we are contacted, you are sent​ our 

Staff Request form. 

When it is returned to us, we will discuss the specifics of your staffing needs, for a better understanding of your precise requirements and home’s service style. 

Then, after searching our vast candidate database, we will pre-interview those qualified candidates that we believe will meet your staffing requirements. 

Moreover, to provide you with the right match, we conduct a very thorough background screening and testing/training process. Really knowing each and every one of our candidates before placing them in your home, is important to us. 

While it may seem unusual, Coastal Domestic Staffing does not typically place EMPLOYEES. 

Our clients prefer to retain PRIVATE CONTRACTORS for placement.

  • This requires that applicants set up their own business.
  • Are responsible for their own taxes, health insurance, uniforms etc.
  • They will need to provide us with their Federal Tax ID (EIN ) number.
This will be discussed in more detail during our interview process. 

We require that ALL APPLICANTS agree to a full background check and attend comprehensive Household Staff Training. Additionally, Coastal Domestic Staffing has written TESTING (specific to certain positions) that must be taken. 

NOTE: Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, training is accomplished on an individual 

basis using the ZOOM format.


Please visit our Contact Us page 

or email us directly to:

[email protected]

We look forward to working with you soon!